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Welcome to ddalki_sundae, a graphics journal shared by nijiblade and bechea. We dump the graphics we make here which range from forum sigs, icons, wallpapers, and... other stuff like that. xD yes.

ddalki_sundae means "strawberry sundae". ddalki is strawberry in korean x]


or whaddaheck.

01- do not--and we mean do NOT-- STEAL. Which means DON'T claim OUR artwork as your own. -_-;; it sucks

02- We WILL be posting some graphics [icons, and the like] that are free for use. In this case, if you find something you'd like to use in one of our posts, please comment on that post stating what you want to take, and credit the one who made the graphic upon use. that'd be either nijiblade or bechea

03- Even if you're NOT taking, comments and constructive criticisms are highly appreciated ^___^ ♥

04- If we state that you can NOT use certain graphics on a post, you CAN'T use them? okay? ^^ unless we love you like woah and if you ask uber nicely, then maybe we'd consider? XD;

05- No childish flaming. Mature flaming disguised as constructive criticism is okay. BUT if you're going to flame our fandoms [like what we feature on our graphics], it's best that you shut up so that there will be world peace. YAY! :D

06- If you want to keep track of our work [;DD] you can watch ddalki_sundae


comment on the most recent post if you'd like to be affiliated with ddalki_sundae X333